• Miriam Fox

6 months after graduating...

Despite my best attempts to dig my claws in to the carpet work and leaving gouge marks down the corridors, in June I had to concede that it was time to leave UCA.

I really struggled adjusting to university life. When I left school at 16, I promised myself I would never darken the doorstep of an educational establishment ever again!

My experience was the all too familiar cocktail of bullying, mental illness and being different - schools not recognising the autism. I couldn't wait to leave and never come back.

It is thanks to the persistence, kindness and patience of the tutors at UCA that slowly changed my mind and showed me that when you find the right place, that's right for you, the right education can change your life.

If you have ever been damaged by your past experiences it can be extremely difficult to face anything similar. If I could pass on anything I learnt from UCA, (apart from how to fear deadlines) it would be this;

Don't let your past experiences dictate your future. Don't close your mind off from what could be. You might just surprise yourself.


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