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Focus on Ability Film Awards 2018

This was an amazing, unexpected blessing!

What a privilege to be able to stand up and speak out about Autism, it’s challenges and wonders at the 10th International Focus on Ability Film Festival in Australia. Praise be to God! (yep I’m Christian, I believe in God, heaven knows he’s pulled me through a lot and is my constant compass in life!)

I was incredibly humbled by this experience. Cleaning out my ferrets early in the morning when I received a phone call from the organisers; rather tricky to answer a phone with a pair of rubber gloves in one hand and some very... rustic... smelling bags in the other(!)

Still, what an adventure! It was great to mingle with so many talented individuals from across the world, sharing the common goal – to focus on the ability of those who society so easily underestimates.

A disability is not a lack of ability, it is a whole different set of abilities, untapped and waiting to be explored. All it requires is a little open-mindedness.

I have to say a HUGE thanks to Nova Employment, the incredible tutors at the University for the Creative Arts, Beccy for letting me drag you with me, and my family for everything ounce of love you provided throughout!

(You can watch the whole awards ceremony, which was live streamed from the event, here!)


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