What have I made?


Do you ever get that anxious feeling?

This new animated short explores the sensation of anxiety through one lone passenger's strange train journey. 

Anxiety is a major factor of the lives of many people, yet we so often keep it to ourselves. If we bring this more in to the open, maybe we can help each other better.


Look For Me 

Award-winning, hand drawn animated short

(third year final film)

An autistic child’s love of drawing helps them discover an unexpected kindred spirit.

Inspired after my own diagnosis of Autism in 2017

(Winner: Best International Short Film - Focus on Ability Short Film Festival 2018.

Nominee: Best International Student Film - Animation Dingle 2019)

Make Up Your Mind


Award-winning animated short.

(second year final film)

A visual stream of consciousness exploring the mental and emotional trials of being a modern young adult.

(Winner: Award of Recognition - Best Shorts Film Competition)

Make Notes


Second year 1 minute film.

A whimsical stop-motion film which combines Zoetrope-style animation with visual music, created entirely with Post-it Notes!

Dad scientist


Second year digital work

A simple short piece about a scientist's struggle with his twin children, this was created while exploring the program After Effects. 

Copyright 2017 Miriam Fox